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he right mindset can either have you feeling like you ’ re on top of the world or being trampled underneath it . When I decided this edition would be dominated by Men with a Billionaire Mindset , I had no idea the lessons that lay ahead . I learned so many things about myself ; some I loved and some I didn ’ t . I embraced the lessons anyway and by doing so I reached an entirely new level of consciousness in this game called success .
World-renowned motivational speaker , Les Brown , once said “ Life has no limitations , except the ones you make .” Each of the men profiled in this edition made similar statements about breaking free of stereotypes and ignoring limitations . Brown ’ s quote also resonates with me and provided the courage I needed to embrace a love affair that continues to serve me well . So , indulge me for a moment as I share a brief story about this affair . Who has ever been cheated on ? Who has ever fallen in love so deeply that nothing else in the world mattered ? Well , that ’ s my story , but not at all in the way you might think . For me business is always top of mind . In my love affair , I cheated on fear , had an affair with faith and now I ’ m in love with my strength . My strength will not only deliver positive results in my life but also impacts many others around the world . The men in this edition demonstrate through word and deed that they ’ re embroiled in an ongoing love affair with the strength that continues to make them successful year after year .
With each campaign , I painstakingly riffle through stacks of stories , services and products that have their own unique connection to the editions theme . The magazine , coupled with live and virtual events , in-depth conversations and so much more are designed to empower , educate and promote success . It is my hope that each reader gains the courage to seek more and do more with their lives . Buckle up because this edition of IBA Success Magazine is a whole vibe . The men who grace the upcoming pages will open your mind to new horizons on levels you
can ’ t even imagine . I can share this from experience , because I had the opportunity to speak one on one with each of the men involved .
So , when a person asks me what important lesson I learned from this edition , I would say there are only 6 degrees of separation between you and the person with whom you need to connect . I would also encourage
having thick skin and never under estimate the power of your circle .
With that said , welcome to the Men with A Billionaire Mindset Edition . I guarantee you will be excited and inspired by the wisdom they impart .. n

— Jennifer Yon

VOL 7 , Issue 2 n IBA Success Magazine 7