Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 8


How do you measure Success ?

I view success a little differently than most people . To me success is not about how much money you make or if your business is thriving . Success is a combination of the things that are important in life ; family , friends , finance , fitness and freedom . Without all of these things , it becomes hard to enjoy any of them . Success is about balancing all categories of life , so that you can find joy every day .
Everyone wants to be successful nowadays . If I had to measure it , it would be by meeting the goals I set for myself . Success looks different from person to person . Some think it ’ s about money , career , health , even relationships . Only I get to say if I am successful or not . The word successful makes me in a way live in the future and stops me from staying in the present moment . Yes , I have set goals , but I just focus on making every day count giving it my 100 %, staying true to my values and knowing that I did my best each day .
To some people the measurement of success is monetary or in the number of materialistic possessions ; To me the measurement of success is the achievement of goals . I believe in settings short-term and long-term goals to act as a ladder of achievements on the journey to the ultimate goal . Upon reaching each milestone of the goals , I reach a new level of success . I believe that success is overcoming challenges , improvising and adjusting to all the obstacles that hamper the objective . Success is being able to look back at the journey and see how far you have come .
I measure success by both my mental , emotional and financial state . I ’ m successful when all three flow together to allow me to help people . My life ’ s mission is to help as many people in need as possible . I believe that the satisfaction of helping others is far more rewarding than any monetary compensation . Life is about supporting and empowering each other . I believe in building a better future through the power of teamwork .
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