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LIFE o your bills and financial obligations overwhelm you ? Do you feel like you are drowning in debt and collection calls ? Have you or are you considering bankruptcy ? Stop ! Executing the bankruptcy process can be humiliating , socially stigmatizing , and financially devastating for those who are directly , and often indirectly involved or influenced . And worse , it is not necessary !

Total Solution Trust , a premier consumer credit education and consumer advocacy , headquartered in Orlando , Florida , is exposing the truth about credit and bankruptcy to the Nation . The Solutionist , a . k . a Lauren Dulgheru , a Trustee of Total Solution Trust , is deeply passionate about educating struggling consumers in the truth in consumerism , the nature of credit , and exposing the truth about the mass miseducation of a nation regarding the true , intended use of credit , financial intelligence , and their most beneficial application of both .
Our society has conditioned us to believe that the only way to avoid feeling and experiencing the full damage of smothering debt , abusive collectors , and assured financial dismantlement and ruin , is to file bankruptcy in a local jurisdiction ’ s court of law . Further , the distressed and severely credit-challenged client has been socially conditioned to engage an attorney , pay thousands and thousands of dollars in attorney fees , court costs , debt settlements , and potential relocation expenses ; all to dispose of their financial encumbrances in a bankruptcy proceeding ( overly simplified ). The decision to file and final disposition of bankruptcy ( over simplified ) will have long and far-reaching effects and consequences . Those who have a bankruptcy in their financial history have a difficult time being approved for any emergency financing , medical financing . Those consumers are unable to secure home mortgage approval that accompanies both an advantageous APR and note terms . They face increased insurance premiums , elevated utility deposits , to name a few . Bankruptcy is not the only resolution anymore !
Total Solution Trust ’ s mission is to bring an end to credit bankruptcy and the devastating effects it has on families , communities , and as a nation . Total Solution Trust is rallying to expose the truth that bankruptcy is not the only solution to overwhelming and squelching debt .
Engaging a credit educator and advocate who is also a credit restoration specialist like Total Solution Trust , and The Solutionist , yields dramatically different results , versus hiring a typical credit repair company and their failed business model . The consumer enjoys a shorter timespan to achieving the credit goal ; the benefit of years of experience and specialized knowledge ; and learns the rules of the credit game and how to win it . When one engages a credit educator and advocate , they avoid the costs and damages associated with bankruptcy and its negative effects , including the 7 – 10-year blemish on your financial reports , increased APR ’ s on any approved accounts , and prolonged financial uncertainty . By harnessing the power of credit , Total Solution Trust , will help you to avoid the painful marks of bankruptcy , restore your poor credit , and hold abusive creditors and collectors accountable to the letter of the law . Our clients experience credit and the numerous accompanying benefits ; including having no bankruptcy blemish , a fully restored credit profile , access to emergency funding and beneficial loan options , and the opportunity to uncover creating income by harnessing the master ’ s power of credit .
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