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Durell Peart

urell Peart is a speaker , artist manager , and music business consultant . He has over 15 years of professional entertainment industry experience working within the areas of artist management , brand development , marketing , promotion , and consulting . Durell has worked mostly within the urban and pop genres , but his skill set can be easily adapted to any genre of music .
Durell is a graduate of Full Sail University , where he earned a Bachelors Of Science Degree in Entertainment Business and was named Valedictorian and Advanced Achiever . He started his second company Double N Management & Marketing Group , LLC , in 2015 , focusing on being a positive advocate for indie creatives . After spending so many years as an artist manager and utilizing his relationships only for the creatives on his immediate roster , he felt that it would be a great idea to expand and help creatives that he was not doing day-to-day management for . He also noticed that most of the creatives lacked the lack of education they had in choosing to embark on a professional career as a creative .
Durell was born with a disability called Spastic Diplesia Cerebral Palsy . He has been fortunate to be able to impact many people due to his Cerebral Palsy being mild . He is constantly using his voice to show others that even though living with a disability can be difficult at times ; it is not impossible to live a normal and meaningful life .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? My daily routine in maintaining a billionaire mindset starts walking in my purpose and passion daily . I absolutely love the fact that I can do something I love each day . I have never chased money because I believe that maintaining a billionaire mindset is truly about the value that someone brings to each and every situation they are involved in .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? My current endeavors are my daily work as a music business consultant via my boutique company Double N Management & Marketing Group , LLC , where I help guide and mentor new indie creatives who are just beginning or feel like they have lost direction along their journey . I have also recently launched my podcast called the N ’ Courage & N ’ Spire Podcast . I am really enjoying educating and providing valuable content to my audience and interviewing people I genuinely respect that have amazing stories to hopefully be an inspiration to others . My future plans include becoming a published author and using the platforms given to me to become a powerful motivational speaker that makes a difference .
What word of advice would you give to an entrepreneur ? A word of advice that I would give to an entrepreneur is the simple fact that you decided to start something of your own is something to be commended because most people are not even brave enough to do that . The key to success is to remember what your “ WHY ” is for even choosing to pursue entrepreneurship . Hold your head high , and most importantly , remember to enjoy the journey and trust your process . n
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