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Murtice A .



urtice Tucker is the epitome of a true gentleman and a scholar with a very distinct acumen for business and leadership . A Veteran US Marine Officer , he currently serves as the Chief Executive of Midleton Health and President of the Board for the Naval Warrior Foundation , a Nonprofit Organization that assists Special Operations Veterans and their families . The Orlando Solar Bears Hockey team recognized him as a “ Hometown Hero ” for his great work within the Veteran community . Tucker has two young sons , Mariano and Giancarlo .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? I start my day with a prayer that surrounds my family , wisdom , and temperance . Most important to me is to kiss the woman I love and tell her how much she is valued before I begin my physical routine . After coffee and breakfast , I address my daily schedule . As a key leadership member , the routine is proper preparation , placing people first , and ensuring that the conditions are properly set for success . This is a duty I humbly accept because , as postulated by Warren Bennis , “ leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality .”
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? Currently , I am responsible for running retail sales and distribution of several product verticals , particularly within the Cannabidiol ( CBD ) space . As for my philanthropic activities later this year , the Naval Warrior Foundation will be holding its first annual charity golf tournament in Orlando , Florida . In addition to these great endeavors , I am in very deep discussions with my US Congressional Exploratory Committee for an upcoming Congressional Campaign .
What word of advice would you give to an entrepreneur ? My sincere advice to entrepreneurs is that if you are passionate about working for yourself , then do it , understanding it is an immense responsibility , but nothing worth having comes easy . The asset that will place you above the competition will be your ability to set goals and pursue them with unwavering determination . You will also need the capacity to inspire others , delegate important tasks , judge who to trust , and act confidently with a bias for action , especially when the going gets tough . These are all critical components of genuine leadership that you must embrace for the success of your organization and its people . In addition , you have to have the capacity to be agile because conditions in business are fluid . Finally , leading a successful organization will require you to communicate and clearly define objectives effectively .
Never be too busy for those you love ; always make time for them ; life is too short to neglect those closest to you . Your success is that much sweeter when you can share the fruits of your labor with those closest to you , so never let these joyous of life occasions pass you by . n
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