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asser Weaver is a well-traveled , serial entrepreneur with an eye for detail . He is driven to help others succeed in the digital world by providing brands with profitable Web Design and SEO services that will get them ranked on the first page of Google . He founded Homespun Digital , a full-service digital agency , and Hamlin Design Co ., a wholesaler of premium outdoor products , mainly aluminum fencing .
In his free time , he can be found reading books about self-development or planning his next trip . Nasser graduated from UCF with an Information Technology ( B . A .) in 2021 and plans to continue building his companies . He has traveled to Dubai , India , Canada , Mexico , across the United States , and many more destinations !
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? The Homespun Digital brand is currently connecting with business owners to help them get the online exposure they deserve and provide a lineup of our revamped services . On the other hand , Hamlin Design Co has been reaching out to retailers and contractors for relationship building while also focusing on architects who are looking into new designs . For the future of both Homespun Digital and Hamlin Design Co ., we must have physical locations for our offices and showrooms so customers can come to see what all the hype is about in person !
I am a firm believer in expanding my hobbies . I might be a workaholic , but I still have time for my favorite pastimes . From winter to summer and back again , it has been great getting outside with people who matter most in life .
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? Every day , we face a barrage of stressors and worries that threaten to overwhelm us . The difference between the novice and pro is not just experience but their ability to process what is happening without getting blindsided by emotion . To do this , you will need an effective system for making decisions with high potential success rates on information at hand — this starts firstly with your mindset !
1 . Assess the damage . 2 . Control your response , not the situation . 3 . Think 5 moves ahead . 4 . Break down the obstacle by asking yourself questions . 5 . Once broken down , look for the solution . n
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