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Luis Arroyo

uis Carlos Arroyo is a renowned businessman and proprietor of Orlando Jewelers Diamond Brokers , Inc . which is a wellestablished staple of the Orlando business community since 2003 . Luis began learning the art and craft of becoming a master jeweler from the ripe young age of 8 years old , when his father instilled in him the value of hard work and taking pride in your work product . These character traits were further reinforced by his service in the US Navy and strengthened by his father who equipped him with the requisite skill sets to become the master jeweler he is today . His efficacious business specializes in jewelry design , custom manufacturing , precious stone setting , gemology and appraisals . Luis is honored to fulfill his responsibilities for everything from the operations of the business to the unique customer experience of each individual who visits his location .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? Luis attributes his lavish success to a very strict and disciplined routine . He is a firm believer in the old adage that states “ the early bird gets the worm .” Thus , he begins his day at 5:30am with a very intense physical fitness regime that involves high intensity cardio coupled with strength training and sparring . He is so committed to this regime that even on the days that he doesn ’ t feel up to it he does it anyway because he strongly believes that discipline breeds freedom … freedom for clarity of thought , motivation and the will to dominate success .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? Luis is a serial entrepreneur who dominates in all aspects of everything he places his wholehearted efforts behind . He is currently working with some renowned commercial real estate developers to further enhance the extravagance of the Metro Orlando landscape . In addition he is a devoted family man who is seeking loyal companionship that complements him equally in the aspects of intelligence , work ethic , harmony and deep-seated family values . Luis is also profoundly committed to physical health and is currently training to compete in his very first Ironman competition . Because he believes that goals are not just to be made but crushed with extreme vigor .
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? In life one must accept that inevitably unfortunate and unexpected obstacles will occur . Hence , it is important to take a tactical pause to gather your thoughts , strategize and render proper solutions . At this juncture emotional control is everything , because overreactions could be devastating towards the outcome of meaningful solutions . To fully appreciate the value of maintaining a calm mind you have to remain focused on the long term goals and the solutions that come with . Once you arrive at a solution , come to terms with it , keep your eyes on the goal and most importantly trust in your ability to achieve the desired outcome . n
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