Volume 8 Leadership Edition Nesterine Blair | Page 52

www . LauraDorsey . net




www . LauraDorsey . net

Laura Dorsey Master Story Teller , Content Development , Writer / Editor

FOR MORE INFORMATION : Phone : 240-714-6966 www . instagram . com / lauradorsey www . facebook . com / lauradorsey . net Laura @ LauraDorsey . net
Laura Lenear Dorsey has been a Professor for almost 20 years . While working in the finance industry of corporate America she returned to college to complete a Bachelors in Business Management ( BSBM ) and a Masters in Organizational Management ( MAOM ). That was a life changing experience for her and she changed careers from corporate to education .
Laura found her passion in education . She educates , inspires and empowers her students with strategies that will make them successful in their chosen careers . Most of the strategies have to do with writing . With that , she has taken her love for writing and for sharing writing strategies with others and created LLD Consulting .
Now , she has expanded her passion out of the classroom into small businesses and working with entrepreneurs . She specializes in taking your voice and the message that you want to convey and creating that written component . Her clients range from an Olympic athlete , attorneys , authors , entrepreneurs both for profit and non-profit . In addition , Laura is a contributing writer and editor for several magazines .


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