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As a financial professional , here are a few things that should be of concern in this market :
1 . Emergency Fund – I am often asked , ‘ what is an emergency fund ’? Just like it says , it is a fund / account with money that can be easily accessed in an emergency . It is recommended to have three to six months of your income set aside that can be accessed easily in case of a job loss , illness , or any event that causes a change , shortage , or absence of income . Many people think that their 401k can be used as an emergency fund . However , fees and penalties are involved if you access your 401K too soon . Your 401k was not meant to be used for emergencies .
2 . Income Protection - If you experience a long-term illness that requires you to be out of work for a month or more , would there be a strain on the family ’ s finances ? You might have health insurance that will take care of the medical bills but do you have something in place to pay the rent / mortgage , the utility bill , or the co-payments that your health insurance does not pay ? Do you know that if you qualify , there are insurance plans that can do that ?
3 . Is Your Retirement Plan Protected - What do you have in place for retirement ? Are your funds parked in the right vehicle that will allow you to avoid market loss , retire on time and not outlive your money ? If you are a business owner , do you have a plan in place for retirement ?
My goal is that everyone is equipped with the tools they need to reach their financial goals , whether it is owning a home , investment properties , protecting your assets and income , or preparing families to leave a legacy for their heirs . Contact me today at 321-438- 6228 to discuss how I can help you to reach your goals . n

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