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Up for a Challenge ?

emember a point in time when you were physically at your absolute best ? Your weight was just right , your waistline was on point , and your outfits were snatched ? At that time , you were likely very healthy , had a lot of energy , and felt good about yourself . If you remember those days and would like to return to those glory days , Dap Fitness presents the 52-Week Challenge ! Our trainer-led cardio / resistance fitness program is designed to accelerate fat loss by working the entire body , heart , and muscles by going from one exercise to another with little rest . As a result of this program , you will be in the best shape ever !
Another reason to enter the 52-Week Challenge is that studies have shown that sustained weight loss is less than 5 %. The 52-Week Challenge will promote lifelong physical activity , lifelong healthful nutrition , and maintaining healthy lifestyles . In other words , once you get to your goal , you will have the know-how on how to stay at your goal for the rest of your life . We use advanced wearable technology to track individual progress and help identify improvement areas .
Lastly , understand that obesity is the second leading preventable cause of death in the U . S . Nearly one in five deaths of African Americans and Caucasians ages 40 to 85 is attributed to obesity . This rate is increasing across generations . According to the CDC , obesity has risen from 30 % to 41 % in the last 20 years . Joining our challenge will reduce the risk of hypertension , heart disease , stroke , cancer , diabetes , and other obesity-related illness . For more information , please go to our website www . DapFitness . com n

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