Volume 8 Leadership Edition Nesterine Blair | Page 18


5 Steps to Detoxify Your Body Naturally s you prepare your mind and body for the warmer months , you may be interested in detoxification as a way of cleansing and eliminating toxins . A typical detoxification period may include fasting and a strict diet combined with light , appropriate exercise .

According to Ayurvedic practices , an ancient Indian science focused on whole-body healing and health optimization , it may be beneficial to detoxify . Consider these steps toward detoxification from the experts at Buddha Teas :
Aim for a Healthy Lifestyle Before considering the specifics of daily routines and phases of detoxification , it ’ s important to focus your lifestyle around healthy practices . For example , aim to minimize stress by participating in uplifting activities such as mindful walking , meditation , spending time in nature or other hobbies that put you at ease . Remember to rest both your mind and body , and get an appropriate amount of sleep each night .
Preparation Phase Take 3-7 days to prepare your body for detoxification . The start of your journey should involve the elimination or drastic reduction of caffeine , tobacco , alcohol and recreational drugs .
Active Cleansing Phase During the 7-14-day active phase , it ’ s important to create and follow a singular diet of kitchari , which consists of mung beans , basmati rice , spices and vegetables . As a complete protein that ’ s easy to digest , kitchari helps reset your digestive system while restoring digestive fire and supporting the elimination of toxins . If you ’ re looking for a place to start , consider trying a few different recipes online , or purchase from a natural foods store .
If kitchari isn ’ t right for you , opt for oatmeal in the morning and steamed vegetables or vegetable soup with basmati rice for lunch and dinner . Be conscious of portion control ; eat enough for satisfaction without overeating . Aim to finish your evening meal 2-4 hours before sunset .
Another important aspect of the active phase is liquid intake . Drink hot water with lemon juice in the morning . Throughout the day , consider a hot tea with bitter herbs like Buddha Teas ’ Detox Dharma Blend . This delicious option consists of carefully chosen herbs and spices that come together to help eliminate toxins . Other effective hot teas include nettle leaf , dandelion root and dandelion leaf .
Create a Morning Routine To stay on track during the active phase , it is helpful to create routines , starting with your morning wake-up call . After brushing your teeth and other daily to-dos , try relaxing techniques like sipping 8-16 ounces of hot water with lemon juice , self-massaging , taking a warm or hot shower or bath , gently exercising and combining these activities with an appropriate active phase morning meal .
Create an Evening Routine Proper relaxation prior to bedtime can help encourage restful sleep . Avoid watching TV about one hour before bedtime and consider massaging your feet with herbal oil for a few minutes before rinsing with cool water . Drink a peaceful beverage like a milk substitute mixed with Buddha Teas ’ Golden Milk , which is developed from an Ayurvedic recipe that provides satisfaction and comfort while supporting the body and mind .
As your active phase comes to a close , slowly reintroduce foods like dairy , wheat , soy , meat and fish . Continue activities like gentle yoga , walking , tai chi and qi gong then rejuvenate your body with hot beverages like turmeric ginger tea , chaga tea and mushroom tea . n
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