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Your Virtual CIO with a solid foundation for your modern business .
Tech Driven Consulting is a Microsoft Certified Consultancy focused on providing superior analysis , diagnostics , evaluation , and implementation of various cloud services . Tech Driven Consulting solutions enable you to manage and maintain the infrastructure in your business at optimum levels . We provide a comprehensive range of services such as sales of hardware , network administration , help desk and training , to name a few .
If you are looking to strengthen the backbone of your business , our effective and customized infrastructure solutions will be the perfect fit for you .
Some of the solutions that we provide :
n DATA LOSS PREVENTION : Detects sensitive content as it ’ s used and shared throughout your organization , in the cloud and on devices , and helps prevent accidental data loss .
n INFORMATION GOVERNANCE : Manages your content lifecycle using solutions to import , store , and classify business-critical data so you can keep what you need and delete what you don ’ t .
n INFORMATION PROTECTION : Discovers , classifies , and protects sensitive and business-critical content throughout its lifecycle across your organization .
n RECORDS MANAGEMENT : Uses intelligent classification to automate and simplify the retention schedule for regulatory , legal , and business-critical records in your organization .
n AUDIT : Records user and admin activity from your organization so you can search the audit log and investigate a comprehensive list of activities across all locations and services .
n DATA SUBJECT REQUESTS : Finds and exports a user ’ s personal data to help you respond to data subject requests for GDPR .
n CORE eDISCOVERY : Searches across content locations to identify , preserve , and export data in response to legal discovery requests and eDiscovery cases .
n ADVANCED eDISCOVERY : Builds on eDiscovery capabilities by providing intelligent analytics and machine learning to help you further analyze data that ’ s relevant to discovery requests .
n TEAM COLLABORATION : Offers several remote collaboration tools , including SharePoint , OneDrive , and more that lets you collaborate , communicate , and share files remotely with almost anyone who has a computer .
Michael Carroll , our founder , possesses years of experiential knowledge , skills , and abilities that enable him to effectively gain an understanding of how to implement and execute security , performance , and scale optimizations for small to mid-sized enterprises .
Your Virtual CIO with a solid foundation for your modern business .
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