Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 93

One way businesses can turn intent into action is to create programs specifically designed to encourage minority participation . When it comes to inclusive ownership , franchising is leading compared to other industries , with nearly one-third ( 30.8 %) of franchises being minority-owned compared to 18.8 % of non-franchised businesses , according to an International Franchise Association study . One example is The UPS Store Minority Incentive Program , which provides eligible participants nearly $ 15,000 off the franchise fee for their first center .
This program , which applies to Asian , Black , Hispanic / Latino and Native American franchisee candidates , is both an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and a solution meant to help consumers support minority-owned businesses . In addition , these new franchise owners will open a new store design with a focus on modern , tech-forward and open concept features . To learn more about the program and apply , visit www . theupsstorefranchise . com
The concept of diversity training isn ’ t new for many businesses , but it may be time to reassess your approach . Reciting a list of generic best practices to a senior leadership team does not constitute training . Instead , consider creating a training session ( or better yet , a series ) that addresses the unique nuances of your business and culture . Work to incorporate principles of inclusion that relate to specific scenarios your staff may encounter and involve everyone at each level of the organization in the training .
Many traditional business practices completely overlook the good that can be gained from a more inclusive approach . In some cases , such as creating a time-off policy that accommodates holidays across different cultures , the benefits are in the form of employee morale . In other cases , such as flexible schedules for working parents , it may be the difference between successfully hiring the best candidate versus settling on someone who may not be the best fit for the position .
Learning better and doing better is an ongoing process , not a project to check off as completed . Part of refining your culture and creating a truly inclusive environment is enabling employees to report their concerns without fear of repercussions . Engaging your workforce , asking for input and genuinely listening may alert you to areas for improvement you never knew existed .
Creating a more inclusive workplace won ’ t happen overnight , but taking necessary steps can benefit your business as well as your workforce .
As the pandemic recedes , small business owners and entrepreneurs are still looking to receive support from their communities and peers .
A majority of consumers have committed within the past year to buy more products and services from small businesses , according to a survey by The UPS Store , Inc . In particular , consumers indicated plans to buy more from women-owned , Black-owned and veteranowned businesses .
For entrepreneurial business leaders who aspire to own their own businesses , resources are available to help achieve that goal while providing consumers another avenue for supporting these types of businesses .
One example is The UPS Store Minority Incentive Program , which offers eligible participants approximately 50 % off the franchise fee . The program provides individuals the opportunity to turn their dreams of small-business ownership into reality by offering established brand strength , world-class training programs and a strong network of successful , helpful franchisees . n
Source : The UPS Store # 15779