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Samir Di Johansson

amir Di Johansson did not turn into the entrepreneur and business profile that he is today overnight . He knew that the journey of a thousand miles had to begin with one step and that success was his journey and not his destination . With that mindset , Samir spent ten years in the corporate arena as a top salesman / sales trainer and , while in that capacity taking numerous departments to 300 % ROI . Part of the journey also included working for more than a decade as an international correspondent across the pond for various Scandinavian and international magazines focusing on his fitness and martial arts expertise . These initiatives included running several successful businesses within fitness and health , where he then instructed both corporate and more prominent international VIP profiles in fitness , nutrition , health , and wellness .
Growing up with a martial arts background , he received the honorable black belt in Tae Kwon Do at the early age of 14 . Since then , Samir has practiced several other martial arts , including Wing Tsun Kung Fu , for more than 15 years .
Added to his repertoire is an additional educational background in branding , marketing , and graphic identity design . This all comes on the heels of having been tutored in world-class video editing and animation by the world ’ s best within Pixar and DreamWorks . Samir Is now helping other hopeful entrepreneurs reach their next levels in clever business branding and positioning through targeted , personalized , and results-based high-ticket mentoring . He uses a distinct focus and martial arts mindset and passes these onto his students , taking them beyond their goals and dreams faster than they can ever imagine .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ?
Current endeavors We have just accomplished what we call V . 3.0 of our funnel , which is now ready to be launched . This endeavor was designed to add tremendous value to the viewer and reader , which simply over delivers on what one would normally find . According to our feedback , it is exciting to see that we have hit our own high expectations for delivery and look forward to what tweaks we will be making in the future .
Future business plans The future includes taking the entire team and I , to our next level of branding , growth , and performance . We are very result-oriented and demand the absolute best from ourselves when we deliver the solutions that ( we demand ) take our clients through breakthrough after breakthrough hitting milestone after milestone . The way I have designed our services ensures they hit these – in advance of the time they expect . It makes me happy to catch their priceless reactions when this happens . I believe there are a ton of mentors out there who , unfortunately , do not deliver as they promise . This is one thing I ´ m here to change with our 100 % success rate , doing mine to create mind-blowing results for the dear entrepreneurs who come to us for help .
Future personal plans Personally , I ´ ve had a productive life and I believe it ´ s time to find the perfect match , in the more private affairs . This may sound trite and amusing ; however , I believe it ´ s important to grow spiritually , personally and business-wise with someone special who is also the best sparring partner , accountability partner , and loving / caring life partner , where these values are being reciprocated both ways , all naturally . I must admit I ´ ve had my focus on work for a while , so I believe the perfect match will show up in divine timing . The next chapter may also include a shift in location .
I want to create something grand and know this can only be done with the best and most caring people around us . n
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