Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 43


Tadar Muhammad

Casanova Williams

adar Muhammad is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Development for the Home Builders Institute . This nonprofit organization provides training , curriculum development , and job placement services for the building industry . In his current role , Tadar Muhammad leads and works with the team and other departments responsible for organizational relationships and partnerships to develop and execute the organization ’ s strategy that contributes to new business development . Tadar is also responsible for the strategic direction of the entire lifecycle of business development , from initial ideas through successful funding execution with a budget of more than $ 30 million . Finally , Tadar is a part-time adjunct professor at Valencia College advising new college students on their pathways through college and careers .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? My daily routine is always looking ahead as to where I can make a difference or contribute to the success of others . That encompasses reading about current events , stewarding existing relationships , and cultivating new ideas and relationships .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? My current endeavors include assisting with the growth and development of our family business , an event center for people to create memories and celebrate milestones . My final endeavors involve expanding strategic partnerships around the country with philanthropic organizations , industry leaders , and government agencies that support all career and technical education opportunities . I ’ m also focused on how to increase career opportunities for minority youth in high demand or emerging industries .
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? I handle unexpected obstacles the same as a car handles speed bumps . They slow down , roll over the speed bump slowly , and then speed back up and not look back until they reach the next speed bump and start the process over again .
What word of advice would you give to an entrepreneur ? The best advice I would give to an entrepreneur is following your passion and seeing where it might take you . n
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asanova Williams is the owner of Society Entertainment , Inc . He started the company back in 2003 as a record label where he distributed and produced various genres of music . He started his business out in his 1-bedroom apartment & worked his way to a 6-office building with all of his companies into one roof . Society Entertainment Inc . is a fully integrated entertainment company which specializes in creation , production , distribution , licensing & marketing of all forms of entertainment and their related businesses .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? First & foremost , I thank God for blessing me with the capability to continue to live out my dreams as well as helping others around me do the same . Similarly , having & surrounding myself with positive energy , creative mindsets , innovative thinkers , and industry go-getters who are as motivated as I am and who refuse to stop until our job is DONE .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? Society Entertainment Inc . is the parent company to four other brands , which are Society One Music , which is our label & music distribution company . Cool Nerds Vision , our video , movie , web design & editing company . CW Enterprise and The Culture Media , TV production , podcast hosting & distribution , as well as our Radio Station company . Hence , right now , we ’ re looking to expand over to the international market base , writing more Podcast and Black Men ’ s Mental Health book series as well as finalizing our E-Course series for Podcast Guru .
What word of advice would you give to an entrepreneur ? Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging , yet most rewarding jobs in one ’ s life . The best words that I can give anyone would be from our wise leader Dr . Martin Luther King Jr . “ If you can ’ t fly , then run . If you can ’ t run , then walk . If you can ’ t walk , then crawl , but by all means , keep moving .” n
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