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The Importance of Skin Care

By Alyssa M . Walke
lyss is described by our clients as their self-care stop for all things beauty ! Oftentimes our industry highlights the concept of Women enjoying a facial at the “ spa ”… but let ’ s open the conversation to just how important it is for everyone , even our Males to do “ self-care ” too .
As an Esthetician , our goal is to consult , educate , and assist our client ’ s on how to treat and maintain their skin . Although not everyone is concerned with their skin ’ s healthy “ glow ”, I believe every person would agree that having breakouts , symptoms of dry / distressed skin , and irritation from ingrown hairs are not pleasant and in fact are uncomfortable to experience .
In most cases , struggling with these symptoms and conditions are an everyday reality for those without a home care skin regimen and treatments recommended to them by a licensed professional . The skin is the largest organ in our body and literally provides protection to all organ systems so that they may function properly . Beyond the relaxing and pampering experience of maintenance facials , skin health can truly only be maintained by daily protection .
The American Cancer Society states “ Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer . If you have skin cancer , it is important to know which type you have because it affects your treatment options and your outlook ( prognosis )”. Having witnessed an immediate member of my family struggle with the pain of undergoing treatments , surgeries , and the anxiety of “ if ” the cancer comes back … I ’ m here to express how something as simple as applying SPF everyday will benefit your future !
Skin health is our priority … beauty is simply the result ! Not sure where to begin ? Consultation is key and essential to understanding your skin . Visit our website at www . blyssbeautystudio . com to schedule a free consultation .
It is our mission to provide quality customized services using safe innovative techniques to achieve our clients desired results while in an atmosphere that encourages self-love and expression for all people . n
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Sun damage , pollution , environmental stressors , climate … all factors our skin functions to protect . However in the last decade , the changes to our environment as we live and breathe have made it more difficult for the skin to protect itself alone . Sun burns are known to be common and harmful but let ’ s not be shy about the real repercussions of not protecting our skin from these environmental factors .
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