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No Shame In My Name :

Promoting Mental Health Well-Being

By Pernell Bush
any of us have looked at someone and wondered “ How did they get there ”? ” What qualities do they possess that allowed them to achieve their successes ”? Is it their physical attractiveness , charisma , social connections , or good old fashion luck ? While I do not have the answer for how each and every individual has attained their personal level of success . What I can tell you is that in order to maintain any level of success , mental health ( social , emotional and psychological ) well-being must be prioritized .
“ Fatal Attraction ” actress , Glenn Close , once stated “ What mental health needs is more sunlight , more candor , and more unashamed conversation ”. I couldn ’ t agree more . The absence of light ( honest conversation ) regarding our social , emotional and psychological well-being could potentially negatively impact the success so many individuals have worked hard to attain . In recent months there have been numerous athletes and celebrities that have vocalized the importance of taking care of their mental health . Doing their part to attempt to remove the stigma and shame .
It is now our time as business owners , entrepreneurs , innovators , community leaders and billionaire mindset individuals to speak candidly about the importance of mental health well-being . No longer can the business community afford to be reactionary . The same traits that thrust individuals to the pinnacle of success can also drive them to the dark abyss of despair . Also , along with success comes higher expectations , more responsibilities , as well as increased attention and scrutiny . My goal , as a mental-health professional , is to spread awareness , inspire and provide strategies to our business community members . Here are three ( 3 ) mental health strategies to implement to continue to thrive and succeed in all of your business pursuits .
1 ) Have a licensed mental health professional on your team . Talking about your social , emotional or psychological distresses can help you maintain good mental health well-being and deal with times when you feel troubled . Be sure to select a therapist that is familiar with the complexity of demands , pressure and issues you face as a business leader .
2 ) Cultivate a Support Circle . We need positive connections with other people . Good relationships are important for our mental wellbeing .
3 ) Keep Active . Regular exercise can boost your self-esteem and can help you concentrate , sleep , and feel better . Exercise keeps the brain and your other vital organs healthy , and is also a significant benefit towards maintaining “ good ” functioning mental health
We must continuously use our voices to promote mental health well-being throughout our business community . We should not wait until a tragedy occurs to start implementing a plan to heal . Healing is continuous . Our success is dependent on our ability to appropriately continuously heal . n
Pernell M J . Bush , LCSW , CNP Psychotherapist Pbush @ KeyCounselingSolutions . com www . KeyCounselingSolutions . com
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