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love a good life lesson … positive or negative . And strangely enough , I place more value on the negative . Let me explain . For those of us in business , especially new businesses , every day brings a little trial and error - What works well versus what doesn ’ t . If at the end of each negative experience or failed investment I ’ ve learned what doesn ’ t work for me and how to build a bridge to what does , I feel complete .
Life has thrown many curve balls in my direction . Each time , I realize that if I don ’ t prepare for the worst , I will never experience the best . So , as I deliver the “ Clash of the Creatives ” edition , I am focused on the journey ahead , knowing that there will be pitfalls along the way from which I can learn and teach others about my losses and gains . For my readers and advertisers , I hope that this edition inspires you to place value on your journey and the circle around you , so that your route to success is smoothly paved .
Now , as you flip through the pages , and receive an introduction to some of my partners I want to share my mindset for the future , which is simple … Collaborate ! Competition happens at the bottom , the people at the top are collaborating & winning !
Through this trial , I ’ ve developed a bit of wisdom to leave with each of you : Don ’ t get distracted by what others do . Know that when one door closes , build your own and hold it open for deserving collaborations . I pride myself on being a perpetual student and you should , too . It makes us ready and willing to accept the next challenge .
If you always see your glass as half full , you will always be ready for the next pour . So , relax as I pour into you . This is what makes me happy ; and when you do what you love , it shows !
Welcome to Volume 9 , Issue 1 … The best is yet to come !

— Jennifer Yon

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