Volume 8 Leadership Edition Nesterine Blair | Page 64


Girls Run the World in Pearls
Testimonials introduced by Annette Watson-Johnson
This book is dedicated to women all over the world who have made sacrifices for themselves , their families and communities . Those who suppressed their vision due to the disparities that created adversities that have held them back but are now ready to unveil these masks of negative traditions .
A Brave Little Cookie by LaVon W . Bracy
A Brave Little Cookie is a children ’ s storybook illustrating the difficulties and struggles of the civil rights era and what it took to succeed against impossible odds . This is a story about the courage of one girl , in one city , in one state , that made an impact for many children in many places . It ’ s the story of a girl called “ Cookie ” who represented every black girl and boy in her city by integrating the school system in Gainesville , Florida .
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It Takes Money Honey
A Collaboration by Pamela Mantey
Do your days usually go by uninspired , unproductive where you find yourself lacking faith in yourself as you do of God ? Have you lost that excitement and passion which drives you to dig deeper and pursue the rich life you know you deserve ?
In a world where women are looking for fulfillment in life especially in the areas of finances , faith and freedom , a group of phenomenal women to share their stories and messages of experience , inspiration and encouragement .
Giants by Ted Hollins
Giants is one of the most exciting photo books since “ I Dream a World ” by Brian
Lankner . This pictorial highlights 4 decades of photography
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