Volume 8 Leadership Edition Nesterine Blair | Page 49

ongresswoman Corrine Brown is running for the 10th Congressional District of Florida , and the main question on the minds of everyone is WHY ? Well , she has an answer for you . She is running because it is her mission and calling , with that calling being service . Corrine contends that she is not a politician but a public servant . Public service improves lives , and its greatest reward is the enrichment and meaning that it brings to your own life ; there is no higher calling . She contends that the Lord told her that she had some unfished business and her dedication and commitment to the constituents in her district are part of that unfinished business .
But what makes her the ideal candidate for this position ? Her answer is plain and simple , experience . There is an adage that one of the greatest sources of knowledge is experience . And when it comes to experience , Corrine delivers . She has been a part of the Congressional landscape for over 24 years and part of the political arena even longer . This is the reason that she understands that current gerrymandering has been done to ensure that there is no representative in Congress for her constituents . As a result , 17 individuals are running for this one seat , but none with more experience than she brings . With that experience , she can talk the talk and walk the walk . She contends that you have to be at the table , or you will be on the menu . This happens by being educated on the issues , not just in her Congressional race but down-ballots also .
That education comes from understating what the prospective candidates stand for . Corrine has and will always work for the people in the community . Issues such as transportation , the engine that puts America to work , will be a top priority with infrastructure that will bring economic advantages to the community . Affordable housing is a major issue , and
Corrine thinks that one reason is that there is no federal HUD office in Central Florida , so it is difficult to face an issue when you cannot see it . After closures , the only HUD offices in Miami and Jacksonville . She has always advocated for veterans , which is reflected in the fact that she brought the current VA medical facility to Central Florida . With 60 % of the constituents represented by women , Roe v Wade and the right for a woman to make her own health choices is something that championed by another woman takes on a different perspective . An additional issue related to women is the earned income tax credit which will help women take care of their families .
Congresswoman Corrine Brown firmly believes that to whom much is given , much is required . Her thinking is that you have two dates in your life , one on your birth certificate and one on your death certificate . What matters most is what you do with that dash in between those two dates because that is what defines your life . She is of the mindset that she is making the most of her dash as a servant of the people , ALL of the people . The district consists of constituents who identify as 39 % white , 35 % Black , and 19 % Latino . On the ballot are many of the hotbutton political issues for this election cycle are issues that will take constituents back in time , such as voting rights , women ’ s rights , transgender rights , gun control , climate control , marriage equality , and cancel culture , among others . When it comes to these issues and others , Corrine feels that tomorrow is ours to win or lose , but when it comes to these hot button issues , we will NEVER GO BACK to a time when constituents were marginalized . n
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