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ome stories start with “ Once upon a time ”. But the story of Alyssa Walke from Blyss Beauty Studio starts with “ When You Know , You Just Know !” And that is exactly how the interview with IBA Success started . Alyssa recounts that around the 8th grade , she had a class project that required her to write what she wanted to do with her life , the proverbial – what do you want to be when you grow up ? When she opened her salon , her mother gave her a copy of that 8th-grade project she had saved all those years . Written in that class project was her desire to have a salon . That passion for cosmetics continued all through high school . She never even imagined going to college and opted to go straight to beauty school upon graduation . Even though Alyssa has been educated in all aspects of cosmetology ( she is an esthetician by trade and has been since 2016 ), her passion is eyebrows . As a result , she is affectionately known to her clients as “ The Favorite Brow Lady ”. In this interview , she shares with our readers some tidbits and behind-the-scenes into her life and the salon that started with her 8th-grade project .
LEADERSHIP When asked to describe leadership , especially who inspires you , Alyssa has to think long and hard . She admits that the list would be too long , and if she even tried , it would take up this entire article . The best leaders are those who have the sense to surround themselves with outstanding people ; for Alyssa , that would be her clients . To her , these are some of the most powerful women that she could possibly have the chance to meet . They encourage her to not only strive for success , but they emulate that in their interactions with her and in the reflection of their own business success . She feels blessed to be in their presence individually and collectively .
However , Alyssa knows that to whom much is given , much is required . She knows she is responsible for reaching back to help and inspire others as much as is poured into her . To that end , she created Blyss Beauty Academy , where she mentors and trains students that desire to advance their careers in the growing beauty industry . The students can take advantage of the industry ’ s most elite hands-on training certification courses and an education that will last them a lifetime . Alyssa has prepared over 100 students to master the techniques that will give them the confidence to start booking clients immediately .
When asked , “ If you had one piece of advice you could impart to your students , what would that be ?” Her answer is simple ; they must have Passion . Alyssa knows that Passion paired with Preparation is the key to eliminating any fear of success that going into business might bring . The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure . She does not just give advice , but she models the advice that she gives . Her Passion matches the salon ’ s mission statement , “ It is our mission to provide quality customized services using safe , innovative techniques to achieve our clients desired results while in an atmosphere that encourages self-love and expression for all people ”.
THE STORY CONTINUES Most great stories have a happy ending , but that will not be how this story goes . To Alyssa Walke , her story is really just beginning . Blyss Beauty Studio was opened in May 2020 , in the middle of a pandemic . If she can overcome that hurdle , the world better look out . She is on a mission of providing an AMAZING level of care and attention to detail to all clients who enter her salon , especially because the lady is an admitted perfectionist . This is the only thing that gives her anxiety . The salon exudes a vibe provided by the luxury brands offered there .
She knows the sky is the limit to the familiar question of where the business will be in 5 years . The Academy will continue to grow , and she will focus on mentoring and training even more students . New employees will be hired as the salon expands . But whether it is five years or ten years , the assignment will be the same today as it was in the 8th-grade project : Enhancing Inner Glow Through Outer Glam !! n
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