Volume 8 Leadership Edition Nesterine Blair | Page 36

helping them with what they needed , whatever that be , instead of helping them with what others thought they needed . The only way that this could happen was to actually talk to people . Sometimes Chris felt like he was having an out-of-body experience listening to the needs of his neighbors and friends in his community .
The idea of his political endeavors was born of this need for giving and to further help his community . Christ Delgado is still in the vein of the dictionary description of a unicorn . His entire campaign is self-funded . He is running to represent his community , not beholden to corporate donors . And when he wins , his salary as a commissioner will be donated back to his community . Imagine a Politian who is not in it for the money but truly wants to be the voice of his community .
VISION Politicians have been obsessed with a tone-deaf macroeconomic debate over which economic theories should govern the lives of their constituents . To be candid , the average constituent is not the main consideration for policymakers . Instead , they look at approaches that largely help those with equity and capital while ignoring the individual struggling paycheck to paycheck . Chris is over the rhetoric . His vision is that with the right mix of tactics , he can help bridge the gap between city and county governments for the benefit of underserved people . His idea is not to reach across the aisle but to reach into the community to solve the problems he hears regularly .
CHALLENGE For Chris Delgado , his greatest challenge is also his greatest asset . He is not a politician and was not born with a silver spoon , but he is a citizen who decided to get personally involved . The difference is that most politicians think about the next election while Chris is thinking about the next generation . Politics determines who has the power , not who has the truth . His goal is not to win an election but to change society in his community . This is the best he can do for people , and this is what he has to offer . Politics is not an end but a means . It is not a product but a process . Politics can be good when it brings people to the table to sit down , work together , compromise , and get things done for the common good .
THE STORY CONTINUES Chris Delgado believes that he is a byproduct of self-education and that success can be duplicated . He is aware that he does not know what tomorrow looks like , but if he leads with his heart , people will know his true intentions . At IBA Success , we maintain that the dictionary should add a picture of Christ Delgado next to the definition of Unicorn because he is most certainly a rare and highly valued member of his community . n www . VoteChrisDelgado . com