Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 88

Dear Young Man ,
If only I could tell you all of the choices and opportunities that lie ahead . I wish I could tell you of the wonderful accomplishments you will achieve . All of the amazing discoveries you will make . The cures for diseases , the next new social media platform , or maybe the design and engineering of the best video game ever made .
I wish I could tell all of those things and so much more . I want to , but I can ’ t . Unfortunately , I can ’ t tell you if you go to school , get good grades ; all of your dreams will come true .
What I can tell you is there are choices in life . In your life . What I can tell you is that you have a choice . What I can tell you is “ The choice is yours !” Do you hang out with your friends ? Or do you do your homework ? Are you the class comedian ? Or do you pay attention in class ? Do you help others ? Or are you all about yourself ? Do you want to make something ? Build something ? Do you have a dream ? Do you dream at all ?
You are somebody now . And I see you ! I really see you . But the person you are today will not be the person you are tomorrow . You have abilities that will increase . You have options that will grow . And you have choices that you have to make .
I ’ ll leave you with this , “ Never Give up , But Always Give Back ! THE CHOICE IS YOURS
Sincerely ,

Larry Brinson

Commissioner Larry Brinson
Ocoee , Florida