Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 83

iversity , Equity , and Inclusion- commonly referred to as DEI- has taken center stage in the workplace today . This term describes programs and policies that encourage the representation and participation of diverse people , including race , ethnicities , abilities , culture , and age , among people with varied backgrounds , experiences , skills , and expertise . But long before these words were the new handle for organizations , Dennis Michael Stelling , President of VSI , lived this every day of his life . And he will quickly tell you that looks can be deceiving because he is not what he looks like .
For you to understand his message , you must go back to the beginning . As an elementary school student , Dennis was a shy child , bordering closely on being an introvert . However , his 5th-grade drama teacher , Mr . Gioe , saw something no one else saw . He cast Dennis as the lead in the school play , Oliver . This inspired Dennis , but that very act set the trajectory for the rest of his life . He learned how to separate his stage life of being in the limelight from his personal life of being an introvert . And so , it began . The shy young man from the other end of Long Island , NY , found his niche . His best friend in elementary school at the time was African American . and inclusion . Remember , you may say it , but Dennis Michael Stelling lives it . Everyday .
When you think that he has done it all , please do not count him out . His business acumen is as diverse as his taste in music . He has no plans of sitting back with his friends at the Knights of Columbus and retiring . Instead , Dennis will continue his own private DEI path of life that he has been on for all of these years . He wants to produce more live shows and streaming videos . The idea of investing into TV documentaries and Faith-Based films also comes to mind . There is no doubt that he will do all those things with his latest opportunity . In his newest role as a Project Manager for Revere Studios Entertainment , Dennis Michael Stelling will utilize his DEI background in the auditioning , casting , directing , and training of so much talent very soon . And if you ever would think to doubt him , you better ask his 5th grade teacher Mr . Gioe . He saw something the world did not see , and the story ’ s moral is that the music never stopped , and the world kept spinning . Dennis Michael Stelling is the epitome of who so many dream to be ; and he is now becoming with his DEI principles to be center stage for him as a new Multi-Media Phenomenon . n
As a football player , Dennis was already athletic as he progressed thru school . On a 7th grade trip to the Statue of Liberty , the two of them stopped in the city and saw people break dancing on the street . Dennis recalls the vibe and the energy that came from the music and the rhythm of the streets . He was hooked . By now , sticking up for his friend , he had overcome some of his shyness . He started to have confidence in himself that said if he saw something that he wanted to do , he believed that he could do it . Break dancing was what he wanted . Not only did he want it , but he was also really good at it . He broke all of the stereotypes ; he was always the element of surprise . He gained a following . His crew nicknamed him “ White Boy ”. The name was on his jacket , his sweatpants , and even his shirts . Dennis even taught break dancing classes at the neighborhood community centers . He earned his SAG ( Screen Actors Guild ) card dancing in a 1985 Ford Mustang commercial .
Dennis realized early on that when it comes to diversity , equity , and inclusion , the use of dance , music , and food were the things that brought people together . He had a spot in a TV series called Super Boy and even joined a heavy metal band . Then , while on assignment at City Walk in Orlando , Dennis discovered his love for music allowed him to be the DJ in between sets . He was the star of the show because not only could he spin the music , but occasionally , he would breakdance and spin himself also . It did not take him long to realize that he should start his own Entertainment company including his own unique DJ business ( ResortDJs . com ).
Dennis realized that his own internal diversity , equity , and inclusionist attitude allowed him in the room when many could not get there . It also garnered him a seat at the table . He looked corporate , but his eclectic taste in music and dance made him invaluable in the entertainment industry . As a consultant during the day , he could articulate relationship building with others , especially in this new DEI environment , and still be a DJ entertaining all cultures by night . Dennis not only talked the talk , but he could walk the walk . He understood the higher purpose of community and relationship building with others . He was always thinking of ways to help people and give back . It is what fuels him each and every day . Although no one calls him by his nickname “ White Boy ” anymore , he is still using his skill set to be a matchmaker in the business arena regarding diversity , equity ,