Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 74

My Journey Through Coaching

By Wanda Jones Heath am a career Government civilian with over 30 years of service that include many years of leading .
I lead people through complex and challenging problems with success . I grew my skills through courses , training , and experiences ; however , different situations dictate necessary changes to succeed and increase my leadership potential . My coaching journey started with a phone call that stated I was selected to participate in the coaching program . Honestly , I was not immediately sold on the unique opportunity . I rationalized my initial thoughts and apprehension since I was a seasoned leader .
As the time drew closer to start the coaching process , my thoughts were all over the place . Even thoughts like I don ’ t need this additional workload entered my mind . Unfortunately , I started the process with a closed mind . I struggled to find the energy but pressed forward with the process . There was no excitement or understanding until the third session when the light bulb came on . I recognized I needed to be vulnerable and present as part of the process to gain maximum benefits . Opening my thoughts , I quickly recognized areas for improvement . The first being how I showed up in situations where I was uncomfortable . Stepping into an unknown situation was not something I enjoyed . Changing the lens on how I processed information allowed me to maneuver differently with more confidence . Soon after the coaching process ended , A leadership opportunity presented itself . The leadership opportunity was what I needed to push myself . I used everything I learned during the sessions to become the leader I was destined to be . I stepped into the role with a sense of confidence and a transformed leadership approach .
Continued self-improvement was crucial to my continued growth . I quickly realized I was wrong about the value of working with a coach . Session after session , I begin to break down my barriers to being my more authentic self in every situation . Coaching unleashed my internal power to show up differently . It gave me better situational awareness to deliver the attention to those I lead while also caring for myself . Harvesting my true passion for my people was a gem that shined during the coaching session .
In addition , I transformed my approach to being truly present in every situation .
My journey through coaching started with hesitation and transformed into learning more about me as a leader . I was amazed at the type of leader I was . During the process , I became more open and committed and reflected , reviewed , and reengaged differently . With the help of my coach , I increased my emotional intelligence and surpassed goals I never thought were achievable . I now make more informed decisions and lean forward in how to engage with my colleagues . I am present and authentic , Demonstrating my growth due to working with my coach . n
72 IBA Success Magazine n VOL 7 , Issue 2