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The Price You Pay For Not Listening !

Dr . Francoeur Cadet

By Laura Dorsey ne of the proudest days of his life was when Dr . Francoeur Cadet stood at his white coat ceremony and graduation as a newly minted doctor . In the ceremony , students accept white coats , recite oaths , and commit to practice medicine ethically . The traditional Hippocratic Oath no longer applies , and a new varied modern version is recited . The new version that is recited can read , “ I will remember that there is an art to medicine as well as science and that warmth , sympathy , and understanding may outweigh the surgeon ’ s knife or chemist ’ s drug .” It also includes language that calls on doctors to admit when they do not know the answer , prevent diseases , and take responsibility not just for the patient ’ s health but also for how an illness affects a person ’ s family and economic stability . They also promise to observe historical injustices that continue to unfold for marginalized communities and have the courage to act when they witness such injustice .
Dr . Cadet took his oath seriously . As a Haitian immigrant , he came to the United States at 17 years old , finishing high school at historic Jones High . Upon graduation from his medical training , Dr . Cadet is Orlando ’ s version of Dr . Fauci , an Infectious Disease specialist . He could easily command annual salaries ranging from $ 228M - $ 330M . However , he returned to the community that supported him , feeling that he owed a promissory note to those that were there for him . He vowed to be part of the solution when it came to health disparities , educating his community . supported him as a child does not see him as a trusted messenger when it comes to the poor insight into their health , especially the COVID-19 vaccines . Dr . Cadet finds it mind-boggling the price that people are willing to pay for misinformation . He alludes to the family member that passed away at 40 years of age ; the person who was in the hospital for 28 days and now had a hospital bill of $ 3MILLION when the vaccine was free ; the person who is currently in the hospital in critical care instead of taking the vaccine shot . He thought that if he led by example , walked the walk , and talked , his community would follow . So he took the vaccine , his wife , 17-yearold son , and 14-year-old son also did . Yet , the very church that he teaches Sunday School in will not rely on his education . Only 20 % of the church is vaccinated .
Dr . Cadet , though frustrated , is still optimistic . One of his favorite movies is Gifted Hands , and he is determined to continue to give back . He recites the story of one patient and his mother . After multiple attempts to convince that man to take the shot , the man finally told Dr . Cadet last week that he heard him and took the COVID-19 vaccine and that he was taking his mother the next day .
That is why Dr . Cadet keeps pushing . Success is one person , one patient , one shot at a time .
Are you part of the solution or part of the problem ? What price are you willing to pay for poor insight into your health ? n
So you can imagine his frustration when the same community that
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