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In memory of Jace Lucas Leslie
In memory of Jace Lucas Leslie
The mission of Heart of Hannah is that homelessness can be combated through advocacy , by giving our clients an opportunity to hear and respond to positive communications and affording them the resources to grow and become active members of society .
​The key component to our success is providing a safe environment of support and empowerment . We work with our clients to secure affordable housing , education , training and counseling .
For more information call us at

973-684-5133 or email HeartOfHannahWc @ gmail . com www . HeartOfHannah . org

Love Like Jace is a non-profit organization founded in April 2021 by Makia Wallace in memory of her 21-month-old son Jace Lucas Leslie .
Jace ’ s life tragically ended on September 11 , 2020 , after being left in the back seat of his caregiver ’ s car for more than 7 hours in 105-degree temperature .
They are dedicated to bring awareness and resources to the community to advance children ’ s safety through advocacy and community outreach .
For more information Email Makia @ LoveLikeJace . org Donate today at https :// checkout . square . site / merchant / MLXV9J0WNRM19 / checkout / PRW5FMSQOS2H7H6DZRPKV5JR
www . LoveLikeJace . org