Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 62


When I Was a Child - Exposing and Overcoming Childhood Trauma by Mia C . Turner-Whitley
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When I Was a Child gives a voice to those who did not have adults to protect them . It ’ s for those individuals whose lives were not a bed of roses , but more like a bed of thorns , as a child . The need to feel loved and protected was destroyed by an adult who violated , abused , or mistreated them .
Many people are not yet able to release their stories , but the courageous women in this anthology are at a place in their lives where they can fully share their journey .
A Brave Little Cookie by LaVon W . Bracy
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A Brave Little Cookie is a children ’ s storybook illustrating the difficulties and struggles of the civil rights era and what it took to succeed against impossible odds . This is a story about the courage of one girl , in one city , in one state , that made an impact for many children in many places . It ’ s the story of a girl called “ Cookie ” who represented every black girl and boy in her city by integrating the school system in Gainesville , Florida .
Embracing My Sexy Sixties ! by Sharon J . Bullock
Laura Dorsey is Co-Author of the Amazon # 1 Best
Seller , Embracing My Sexy
Sixties . The anthology project includes 20 inspirational stories from phenomenal , confident , and beautiful women in their sixties .
These women are dynamic , successful , living their passion , and sharing stories that will inspire , motivate , and encourage other women .
The Backyard Chiclets by Kalysa Wilson
The Backyard Chiclets is a children ’ s book series perfect for pre-k kids ages 2-6 years old , who want to learn about animals , manners , ABC ’ s to
123 ’ s , holidays , and so much more .
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