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ay Gomez was born in Chicago in 1992 . His family moved to Colorado in 2001 , where they enjoyed hiking , mountain biking , and other outdoor activities . In 2008 faith took the entire family on a vacation to Orlando , Florida , and immediately , Jay knew that he had found his new home . By December of 2009 he had relocated to Orlando to venture into a new future .. Upon arriving in the sunshine state he worked in a variety of career paths prior to discovering his true passion , Loan Origination .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? I am a strong believer of the saying that the “ Early bird gets the worm ”. I wake up energized and ready to conquer my day . My faith is an essential part of my life , and I start my day with a 15 minute Bible study . I am passionate about reading on a variety of subjects ; including psychology , quantum physics , problem solving , and leadership . I like to maintain good health so I run for 20 minutes every morning .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? Current endeavors : Growing and supporting our team . Developing and maintaining relationships in the community . Giving back to the community . Future endeavors : Continue to improve myself in every way .
What is your definition of a Man with a Billionaire Mindset ? Someone who is continually finding ways to improve themselves and make daily progress . A deep thinker who can find creative ideas to solve problems . Someone who takes massive action and commits to the successful attainment of their goals .
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? Usually by reading a book that is applicable to the situation and then seeking council from my inner circle .
What word of advice would you give to an entrepreneur ? Don ’ t get good at the wrong thing . n
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