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Dennis M .



ennis Stelling is a proud Father , Business Owner , Patriot , Community Philanthropist , Emmaus Brother , and 3rd degree Knight .
What is my daily routine to maintain a billionaire mindset ? I wake up grateful , work my list , stay aware & authentic , and keep aligned with the Holy Spirit . Always “ over-deliver ” whenever possible , have a positive mindset , make solid plans , and never lose the ability to adapt .
My current projects include : Project Management for : Armstrong Air & Heating , Baby Otter Swim School , Revere Studios , Resort DJs SoundWave Entertainment Systems , VSI Networks . Victoria ’ s Voice and Westgate Entertainment .
Future Plans : We are working with our City ’ s Commissioners focusing on financial procurement for faith-based films , documentaries , and live family-friendly events . Also , producing Multicultural themed events designed to bring all people of ALL races together and bring unity back into The USA .
Personal Goals : Help Mentor as many young people out of Poverty ... and into Victory . Support as many local outreach programs as I can . And to encourage and support other local business owners to do the same .
My definition of a Man with a Billionaire mindset ? He is a man who understands the gifts that God gave him , knows how to create an exceptional team , has a keen ability to cultivate talent , organizes and executes in a very productive way , and allows his actions to be led by a strong set of principles .
How do I handle unexpected Obstacles ? I treat every unexpected obstacle ... as a “ new opportunity .”
What word of advice would I give to an entrepreneur ? First , understand the unique differences between “ Liabilities & Assets .” n
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