Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 55


Ed Martinez

Tamon K . Stanley d Martinez is an upcoming entrepreneur working 3 businesses in the Orlando area . He is an advisor and product consultant for New York Life . He also has his own brokerage and just started a catering company combined with a food truck , looking to launch in August . He has 2 amazing daughters that make him feel proud every day . He just moved to Winter Park and looks forward to growing his businesses in the City Beautiful .

What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? Getting up every day with a plan and productive routine and following that plan . Reading and listening to podcasts , speaking with successful people in business daily . Having a structured plan for all the businesses is a must and maintaining and protecting my mindset .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? My current endeavors are financing and marketing our current catering and food truck business while simultaneously growing my brokerage with other brokers and a risk management company . The catering business consumes a lot of time and will demand more in the next few months .
As far as personal plans , I plan on traveling Europe in December , making new and productive relationships , which is more important now as I am starting new in Orlando . Also , to continue learning and growing and , most importantly , giving back to the community .
What is your definition of a Man with a Billionaire Mindset ? Honestly , it ’ s not the accumulation of wealth that is paramount . But , yes , success is important to me , leaving a lasting legacy and positively impacting your community . Unfortunately , there are people with millions who are not fulfilled because they failed to bring fulfillment to others . My true definition of success is being a good human being ; everything else is fluff .
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? Reject rejection ; Learn from a setback instead of being paralyzed by fear . Listen and learn from others who have walked in the same failure and use obstacles as steppingstones , not roadblocks .
What word of advice would you give to an entrepreneur ? Be honest , be transparent in all your dealings in your personal life and business . Stay humble , be yourself , and do not give up . The road will not be easy but living with regret because you did not follow your dream is far worse . n
Email : Emartinez09 @ ft . newyorklife . com Facebook : gourmet on the go Instagram : Gourmetmjm Linkedin : https :// www . linkedin . com / in / emartineznylife / amon K . Stanley - Director of Operations for Divine Dreamz Entertainment , Manager of Swing Low Records , Event Planner , Property Manager , Real Estate Investor , Bonafide Entrepreneur , dedicated member of Men of Iron Men ’ s Ministry and faithful husband - is a Dade County native , currently residing in Orlando , Fl taking the area by storm . Tamon attended Miami Dade College where he studied Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management .
As the Director of Operations for Divine Dreamz Entertainment , Tamon ensures quality , next level services are provided exclusively for every client . The goal of Divine Dreamz Entertainment is to provide clients and sponsors EXTRAORDINARY SERVICES that are second to none . Divine Dreamz Entertainment is a multi-diverse entertainment company that caters to events , conferences , and showcases . DDE offers multi-talented musical artists from genres such as Gospel , Inspirational , Jazz , R & B and much more . As an entertainment company DDE also provides services ranging from lighting , sound engineering and photography . Married for 26 beautiful years to Rhonda Stanley , CEO of Divine Dreamz Entertainment , they are building the next music and entertainment empire in the Central Florida area .
As a man of faith , Tamon believes in the power of prayer , the importance of cultivating and nurturing his spirituality and giving back to his community . He is an active member of Christ Riders Church and sits on the board to assist in planning and executing community outreach events . You can also find Tamon busy giving back to his community every 4th Saturday with Light House of Hope Safe Spot . Aside from business , the entertainment industry and community outreach , he is passionate about design and customizing automobiles .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? Current : Building a multi-media entertainment company Future : To be an International Management-Entertainment Brand . Personal : Support my wife Rhonda , the owner of Divine Dreamz , in all of her current and future endeavors .
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? When faced with unexpected situations , I cogitate about simplifying the issue by using simple strategies to progress directly through obstacles , and not around the situation .
What word of advice would you give to an entrepreneur ? Make all your decisions on what ’ s best for the business !! n
Email : DivineDreamz36 @ gmail . com Website : www . DivineDreamz . org Facebook : divinedreamz Instagram : tamons1