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Earnie “ Doc ” Fingers

arnie “ Doc ” Fingers is a native of the suburbs of Washington D . C . and is a product of public schooling . He struggled to make meaning of his high school experience and felt like school was not for him . In fact , he ended up flunking off his high school basketball team due to poor grades . By the grace of God , he was fortunate enough to be admitted into Hampton University , where he studied Psychology and began to find his way . He is a self-proclaimed eternal optimist . “ Doc ” has come to believe that the challenges in life are often not a matter of one ’ s ability , but more of an inability to have faith and believe that “ it ’ s possible .” That WINNING for each of us is possible !
Dr . Fingers completed multiple degrees at Michigan State University : Master ’ s degrees in Counseling , Ecological Community Psychology , Human Resources / Labor Relations , and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration . He began HYPER Sports Consulting to support coaches and assist athletes . He focused on the whole person , from life transitioning and personal development to mental performance . He now heads The Fingers Touch – Performance Elevation Group , targeting accountability and positive mindsets to elevate desired results and general life satisfaction .
He is a happy husband , proud father , thankful son , blessed brother , friend , mentor , and a praising believer in Jesus Christ . He is also a first-generation college graduate . He often says that his educational achievements and his place in life , in general , are nothing but the work of God ’ s planned purpose . Life is not easy , but all things truly are possible ! BELIEVE !!
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? 1 ) Prayer - Give Thanks and Praise . Read at least one scripture verse .
2 ) Meditation - Quiet time to permit my spirit to take the lead on my day .
3 ) Affirmation - Speak over myself with all that I know I am capable of achieving .
4 ) Manifestation - Visualize ( hear , touch , smell , etc .) where I see myself growing and going . Act like I am there , and I already have it .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? The plan is to grow The Fingers Touch- Performance Elevation Group into a multi-national performance consultation entity . This will be accomplished by serving all sectors and industries , from individuals and start-ups to long-standing corporate giants . Keeping the focus on the personal touch , seeing , hearing , and servicing everyone at the table is the goal n
Email : Doc @ FingersTouch . com Website : www . TheFingersTouch . com Instagram : Doceducator
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