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rlos Vargas , 35 , was born in Mayaguez , Puerto Rico , and moved to Florida at 18 in 2004 . I started in the car business as a salesperson and failed miserably . Luckily I had a manager that believed in me , trained and mentored me . I moved up in the industry up to finance manager . I was a national director for a merchant company and traveled all over the US . I decided to start Spectrum Solar Power after being burned by a Solar company that recruited me . I really believe in the industry and that it is the future of energy if done correctly with a company with the client ’ s best interest in mind .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? I have a scheduled 4:45 am wake-up call . 15-20 mins reading . Gym by 5:30 am and done by 7 am . Breakfast , get ready for work . Check the calendar and plan out my day . Usually done by 5:00 pm and then hit the driving range or play tennis . Always networking , I wear my work shirt everywhere I go , and I always speak to people like I am a regular rep . I hate when people call me “ boss ”. My job is to motivate , develop and help those around me become successful and create an impact within our organization and our community .
What is your definition of a Man with a Billionaire Mindset ? Seeing things through ! Knowing that you will often fail and taking those failures as learning experiences and opportunities to improve . Knowing that the world owes you nothing and no one cares about you what you do as much as you think they do . To be successful and make it in business , you have to do what others will not and tune out all the background noise . You have to be your own motivation and believe that things will work out in your favor if you give it a 120 %, but YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT 120 %. Go out , work and get things done . Never confuse efforts with results !
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? By adapting on the fly . You have to have a plan and that plan has to include multiple scenarios . Sometimes things don ’ t go our way , so you must be able to think on your feet and find fast and simple solution . n
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