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ay Hebert ( pronounced A-Bear ) was raised in a family of 4 children by a single mom . He is a former All-State and collegiate athlete and a Marine Corp Veteran . For as long as he could remember , fitness has been his passion and a part of him . What started as childhood play transitioned into a passion that drives him daily . He strives to share this passion by inspiring and helping others reach their full potential and live healthier lives .
His passion for Health and Fitness motivated him to obtain his certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritional Coach and later launching his own business , Revolution Fitness . The vision for Revolution Fitness began as a thought during his morning meditation . With so much going on , he would often ask himself , how can I give back ? It was a very subtle thought , but he knew that he had something special to share - passion for fitness , nutrition , and a healthy lifestyle .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? When I get up at 3 am , I ask myself what I can do today to be better than yesterday because what I am doing is bigger than me !! I exercise regularly because I believe that you must keep your mind sharp , and your body fit daily .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? I see myself as an Accountability Partner . I believe in teamwork and following through to achieve great goals . I am currently working with individuals to enhance their nutrition and exercise routines , but I plan to extend my services to corporations and have clients who span the GLOBE !!!
What is your definition of a Man with a Billionaire Mindset ? Give 100 % each and every day and have the mindset that you will NEVER be out WORKED !! This is why my day begins at 3 am every day !!!
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? No matter what the circumstance might be , always remain calm and objective . Analyze every angle and continue to push forward until you find a solution . n
Email : Jay @ revfitllc . com Website : www . Revfitllc . com Facebook : Jay Hebert Instagram : Jayherbert01
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