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Leah Gentry-Tuney Redefines ‘ Beamonesque ’ ob Beamon ’ s first leap at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic games inspired a new word . ‘ Beamonesque ’ meaning an athletic feat so superior it is overwhelming . Over the years , the meaning of ‘ Beamonesque ’ has evolved to mean : amazing and worthy of special notice . Plain and simple , the word means worthy of being remarked or noticed , conspicuous and extraordinary . At IBA Success , we suggest that the word ‘ Beamonesque ’ should be synonymous with Leah Gentry-Tuney . Even though the origination of the word had an athletic connotation , Leah embodies not only that aspect of the word as an aspiring Olympian but in other endovenous in her life , including her entrance into the prestigious U . S . Naval Academy .

Breathing Under Water On average , if you want to be a good swimmer , it will take about five or six months to learn . But if your goal is to compete with others , you usually have to give yourself at least two years to relish and be the best . Most swimmers begin their competitive phase somewhere between the ages of eight and 12 , according to statistics . Leah knew at the early age of 5 that she wanted to swim and enjoyed the sport . By the time she was 12 , she had expressed the desire to become a competitive swimmer .
The YMCA offers competitive swim opportunities for kids . Since Leah had been swimming for years , this was a time to learn the intricacies of the sport . And the Jerry Garver YMCA in Columbus Ohio , was there to be the catalyst for her dreams . Leah enrolled in the Pre-Competitive Swim program at the YMCA in the summer of 2015 . Her mentor happened to be friends with 3x Olympic Gold Medalist Rowdy Gaines , Vice President of Aquatics at the YMCA in Central Florida . One of the coaches on the staff was Alan Pfau , Director of Competetive Swimming Head Coach of YCF Swimming . Leah was thrilled and said to her mother , “ Mom , I want to go to Orlando and train full time with Coach Alan . I want to break records like Aliya Atkinson ; I want to be an Olympian .” Daryl Gentry knew that her daughter had talent , and in 2016 , she set forth and made plans to move to Florida .
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And the coach knew he had a winner on hand . Alan Pfau says , “ Leah is a great example of valuing process over outcome . She understands how making the correct changes in her swimming does not always lead to immediate success . Leah exhibits a great deal of patience in this process to achieve her promise as a swimmer .” Leah tried and made the Age Group Competitive with YCF Storm of YMCA Central Florida and began competing in May 2016 . By the end of 2017 , Leah placed on the National Team , earning 6 National cut times .