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elcome to 2021 , an era where masks , social distancing , online dating , and an endless exchange of DMs , texts , and emojis is the main way of communication and interpersonal relationships . I remember when times were so much simpler and without a doubt more meaningful and personal . It is truly a shame to see that we live in a world where everything is so easy and practical that there is no need to be truly thoughtful and meticulous .
It is very rare to find a person who knows their friend ’ s phone number by heart ! I can brag and say that I do know 5 numbers , but now that I think about it , out of the 2728 contacts in my phone that is a really low number .
Lately I have been on a personal journey to connect to my surroundings . It amazes me to realize that everyday during my daily Lake Eola walk I see something different . I never noticed the cutest little bridge over the pond , or the very eccentric “ Rock ” sculpture on the other side of the lake that is closer to the church . These and many other details have made me realize that we are not connected to our surroundings . Are we really present at the moment ? or are we just “ walking ” thinking about the steps to be taken instead of the ones that we are taking ?
A friend of mine shared one of Joel Osteen ’ s sermons in which he explains how most people are so focused on their jobs , goals and dreams that they forget to enjoy and to actually live in their present . I am a planner and a strong believer of setting goals , creating vision boards , and saving for the future , or as my dad would say , “ saving for a rainy day ” but I am also very guilty of skipping my present . I am so focused on getting ahead and securing a future for my kids that I have forgotten to “ stop to smell the roses ”. Time waits on no one and it is a shame that we take it for granted sometimes . When I look back at my babies ’ pictures and I look at them now all I can say is wow , Where did the time go ? I feel like I am missing a huge gap and I can ’ t even explain where did the time go ? And evenless , did I make an impact in their lives ?

Are You Connected ?

By Kate Shum
I would like to encourage everyone to take a moment to really listen and truly see what is in front of you because within the blink of an eye , your kids are grown , your life is not the same , friendships have come and gone , and we are left looking like strangers in our own lives .
I invite you to reflect on the fact that life is so precious and valuable . Health is such a high commodity nowadays that it is truly a privilege to be able to say “ I am here , I am present ”. Take a walk in the park , feed the ducks or the squirrels . Avoid or run away from the aggressive swans around the lake while laughing incessantly , share a meal with your loved ones without your phone in your hands or in front of your face . Simply smile and stay connected . n
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