Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 16


How do you Balance ?

By Kate Shum
n a world that literally never stops , How do You Balance ? Furthermore , How do You even make time for yourself ? That is the million-dollar question that I am asked daily , and to this day , my answer remains the same ; I Breathe and “ Roll on my Balance ”.
Yoga , meditating , jogging , and swimming are ways that I use to relax and unwind , but sometimes I feel that I need a little extra to keep me grounded and find the right balance that I need in life .
As I have mentioned in previous articles , I am a strong advocate of DoTerra Essential Oils . I swear , and I live by them , and I am very proud to say that I am hooked on these products 100 %. I work extremely hard and believe that I should invest in my health and well-being in return .
My “ Little-Big Sister ” has always been my biggest supporter and motivator . It truly amazes me how she always suggests a new oil to alleviate my joint pain , headaches , or miracle oil to diminish that last-minute blemish on my face . The most recent oil she has shared with me is called Balance , which is , in my opinion , one of the best essential oils out in the market right now . Applying a few drops of this oil on my lava-rock bracelet has been my routine for the last few weeks . I love the way it smells , and I appreciate the benefits that it brings to me . It brings me clarity , energy , and balance ! n
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