IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Volume 3 Issue 1 | Page 2

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“ Yesterday is gone . Tomorrow has not yet come . We have only today . Let us begin .” - Mother Teresa
2016 has been quite a year for IBA Success Magazine and for me personally . Since the year was so busy , I may not have shared all that we ’ ve been busy with behind the scenes . Fear not ! This issue not only highlights our new moves , but I ’ ll also be sharing more about my personal growth and development .
This month ’ s editorial meeting was really a trip down memory lane . We talked about the events that had been particularly rewarding as well as all of the challenges . For me , I talked about taking my first business trip without the support of the team . It was a pretty daunting experience . While I learned to be more self-reliant , I also learned to appreciate my team so much more . Flying and driving solo for personal and professional travel was also new , but extremely empowering .
My personal growth provided the platform for creating a nationwide presence with IBA Success Magazine which was not only monumental but a goal accomplished .
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